Wednesday, 21 July 2010

the week as it is so far

I'm tired this week. It's almost the end of the school year, and Ginger will soon be home all summer. He's tired, I'm tired. I can't wait for the late mornings and lazy breakfasts. I've bought some Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup in preparation. Even I can eat them if I use soya milk instead of regular milk. Although I must admit I'm pretty partial to corn bread and some eggs. Miss G broke up from school at the start of July and has already been in Spain for a week with her best friend. She's coming home tomorrow (yay!) and then in another week she's off again on a second little jaunt with a school friend and her family. I'm trying not to be jealous of my almost 11 year old daughter. I will be incredibly jealous of her tan, but she always tans better than me anyway. She was blessed with skin that tans even through the highest factor sun screen I slather all over her.

In just one week, less, (Crikey - only 6 days!) Fat Quarterly Issue 2 will be 'on the shelves' albeit the virtual shelf and ready for you to purchase (please!). My pattern is for the scrappy pinwheel play mat at the top of the post. Lots and lots (and lots!) of scraps were used to make that, and I love how it turned out. Despite looking a little on the scary clown vomit side for a while until I put the sashing in and getting the raised eyebrow look from my husband every time I worked on more blocks, it's blossomed into a beautiful swan. Can I say that without sounding like I'm really full of myself? I'm not - I swear - I just love love love how all those scraps got used up and made into something pretty. Let me tell you, there are some really ugly fabrics from the depths of the scrap bin included; I wanted to prove the theory that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and every piece of fabric can be beautiful, not just the trendy cool kids. (You know who you are, trendy cool fabrics - don't stand there all aloof acting like you don't know I'm talking about you).
It's got me thinking about more scrap projects for future issues of FQ. Or maybe a quilt along over here on the blog. Even a scraps swap would be a good idea - mix up our stuff a bit.

I've been slaving away on my kaleidoscope quilt for Jennifer's quilt along. There was some carrot dangling involved on Jen's side. She held a giveaway for the 'kaleidoscope crew' and asked us for progress reports. I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to win so badly that I stayed up late a few nights to make sure I was well ahead of everyone else. It paid off. I won {insert slightly evil cackle}. There's a few more blocks since this pic was taken yesterday and I hope to get a fair few more done tonight when the husband goes out for his open mic night. I can't decide whether to go for more blocks or some kind of border/s to make it a bit bigger than the 48 x 63 inches it will end up as. We shall see....

fabric info :: 'dream on' by Urban Chiks for moda - due this fall but pre-cuts are available now
:: kona cotton 'bone' for the background

The lovely Mr Postman collared me whilst I was at the post office today with a parcel he'd just tried to deliver. Love that postman.
Look what it was.......

Yes, GASP, I know. Isn't it big? And beautiful? And just downright perfect? It was from the wonderful Tami and I got it for the scrappy pincushion swap on flickr. I did a little squeal when I opened the package. 7 inches across. I do love big pincushions.

Just peeking out at the bottom of the pic you can see a little glimpse of my new tattoo so far. It's a bit scabby at the minute so I don't want to take a pic but you can see it over on flickr just as I'd finished the session. Lots of colour to come. Lots. I am sick with excitement. It's true to say I am a die hard Tula Pink stalker. See what I did for you, Ms Pink? That's LOVE.

Now please excuse me, I have to go sew up some more kaleidoscope blocks just in case someone manages to sneakily undertake me and beat me to the finish line.


Sudi-Laura said...

I am waiting quite impatiently for this pattern to come out:-) my oldest friend is having het first, and is a fan of scrappy quilts! This has her name all over it.

A quilt along/ scrap swap sounds great! Just another thing for you to add to your list;-)

Annie said...

That pinwheel quilt is a "ripper" I LOVE it!

Blueberry Park said...

we are all so ready for the end of term too. we are all really niggly with each other...with me top of the pile. roll on the long (sunny?) lazy summer, having breakfast gone 11, still in pjs ;-)

loving the 'scrap' quilt and loving the idea of a middle name is 'scrap queen'!

Lorraine said...

Me too for the scrap swap !!
I seriously love that scrappy kaleidoscope quilt .
That's surely going on the list !

Jodi said...

Katy, your kaleidoscope quilt is coming along beautifully! I'm in the quilt-a-long, too, but I'm struggling! Too many other priorities getting in the way. I love your idea of a scrap swap!
Also, I clicked on your Flea Market Fancy Freaks button, but was sooo disappointed there's no fabric to order, just fyi (I'm sure you already know that, though)

sewkatiedid said...

I was thinking of you today! Love the scrappiness of that. I was the same with the school year. I love to have two cups of tea and not worry getting out of the house at such uncivilized times.

beth said...

love. that. scrappy. pinwheel. quilt.

heather said...

I do like the pinwheel quilt but I can see how it might have been scary for a bit.

stitchsister said...

That is a stunning scrappy play mat - I just love it. I am ga ga for pinwheels. And I would seriously go for a scrap swap.

Sarah Craig said...

Scrappy is the best, and is so much more creative than just using those "trendy cool fabrics"!! I love your play mat! You might check out Freckled Whimsy's Charm Pack Quilt Along - the pattern really lends itself to scrappiness, although Karrie's doing it with charm packs. It might be right up your alley!

Tracey said...

Seriously my favorite quilt you have made so far. It is beautiful. The colors pop. I may fly to the UK just to steal that quilt!!

Ann Marie said...

Love that quilt.

Louise said...

I absolutely adore the pin wheel quilt - just fabulous!!

danielle said...

working with scraps is the best- actually, i won a gorgeous bag of scraps from you AGES ago, and i am still getting through them. will be posting some pics of how they have been put to good use in the next few days, so head on over and reminisce!!! i have loved using them, so thanks (again!)

megan said...

I am so freakin excited for FQ2 to come out! I love your scrappy pinwheel so much. And that Dream On kalied-y rocks. I am soooo far behind you with my D.O. quilt, you don't need to worry about me beating you on that front!

Marit said...

... FQ approaching - looking forward to see more of the glorious scrappy pinwheels, and other goodies, too!
the kaleidoscope is another beauty, have fun with the finish!

; )

Tula Pink said...

...Thats so weird! imagingermonkey stalker!!!

Anonymous said...

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