Sunday, 7 November 2010

scrap vomit quilt along - block B

How are you doing so far? Anyone made any blocks? I've seen a few pop up on flickr, so I know I'm not completely alone over here.

I had a break from sewing to go to Houston for Quilt Market (as you know) but it's back to the grind stone again and we need to get this quilt moving along.

I still have about half of my A blocks to sew together, but if you feel like you want to give the B blocks a try and leave your others to one side for a while, then here's the instructions for block B....

First off you will need to select (for each block);
12 black squares*
8 blue squares*
29 mixed scrap squares

*or whatever colours you chose for your inside rings

Lay your squares out in the formation shown below;

scrap vomit block b

Sew your rows together. It really helps if you can leave your block laid out next to your sewing machine. I use my cutting mat and just lift it onto a table next to me. That way I can grab a row and if I do happen to make a mistake it's solved quickly before I've finished the whole block.

Press your seams to alternating sides, so your seams butt together. Like in the picture below;

scrap vomit block b

Sew your rows together to form one block. Give it a nice press and maybe a spray of starch.

scrap vomit block b

Repeat to yield a total of 17 B blocks for the large size quilt or 13 B blocks for the smaller quilt.

Instructions for Block A can be found HERE

Fabric requirements/sizes etc etc are all HERE

Alternative Strip Piecing Method for Block B can be found HERE

Krista's anti voodoo chain piecing tute is HERE

Have you seen the scrap-along over at Jodi's blog? She's got some great ideas for using up those scraps. If you haven't been over already, go and take a peek.
Whilst you're in the scraptastic mood you may as well jump in with both feet, right?

Be sure to keep me posted on your progress. Email me with pics - I want to see how much more beautiful (or not) your scraps are. Remember, I LOVE ugly ones, so if you've got something hideous to show me, please do. It'd make my day.


trish said...

I can.not.wait to get started on my blocks. :o) I will definitely send pics when I get started. :o)

Mel said...

Love the name and the block!! Gonna put a few together! Thanks for the tute and inspiration!

williamsj9 said...

I made a small vomit quilt. It did not make a dent in my stash but it was fun.

Cathy said...

Gooorgeouuus! I do hope to participate sometime, hopefully before next year!!!! xo

Cherie in St Louis said...

I'm loving this quilt :) I have all 18 "A" blocks sewn and 2 of the "B" blocks....woo hoo!!

Lee Ann said...

I'm still cutting squares. It's going to take me FOREVER! By the way, I'm not sure if I would call my scraps "ugly". They're just fabric that I had set aside to sell or give away and found a purpose for them through this blog. :-)

Marcia said...

Well... you wrote in your blog earlier that on your next quilt along post there would be an opportunity to propose a name other than scrap vomit. This post is that next quilt along post. I cannot wait any longer to comment and put my idea out there. Here it is -- SCRAP VICTORY - note that the acronym is also SV.
tadah tadah tadah - that's me tooting my own horn for a great name LOL. It has been one of THOSE days. I'm happy that you had a safe trip home. SCRAP VICTORY! Thanks. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

FionaPoppy said...

I've been cutting more squares, I've only got 1 block sewn so far but I'm looking forward to making more!

Lorraine said...

Gee Katy .... I am still chopping up those scraps but the bag is sadly lacking
I promise I'll get started soon. ( I've been on hols too !)
As for the name i'm assuming this block is based on a Trip Around the
World .
So how about "wee scrappy trip"

Dot said...

I know I'm a bit slow here but I just had to leave you a comment to say how absolutely awesome this quilt is. I wish I had found you when you started this. I guess it's never too late to start a new quilt though, eh. ;o)

prsd4tim2 said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I used it to make a pillow top. So fun! I'll share the photo in the Flickr group.

Thanks again!

Deb said...

I'm itching to make this next year. I just brought 5 scrap vomit packs from Brenda for myself for Christmas!! yay :) can not wait to start!

Candace said...

Thank you for the tutorials. I just did block number one and hope to make a total of 49 for my queen sized bed. I've already got lots of scraps cut, but I see that I need to do a bit more cutting for a little more variety. I love your quilts.

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