Monday, 20 December 2010

burning the midnight oil

midnight sewing

Less than a week to go. The kids have broken up for the Christmas holidays, so sewing time is restricted to when they're not pestering me. Which means mostly when they're sleeping.

dream on

I've quilted and bound my mum and dad's dream on quilt, and even embroidered a little label, made stockings for a friend and his girlfriend for their first Christmas together (aw, young love - how sweet)

christmas stocking

But, alas, Ginger's quilt will not be finished. I can't find the right bright blue thread in any shop locally so I'll have to order it online. That's bummed me out a lot. I should have been more organised. I should have bloody known relying on the local shops for thread was a joke.
I was going to quilt it in a completely different colour that kind of matched but wasn't great. The husband told me to stop being stupid and just wait til the right thread was here.

christmas stocking

The pic right at the top is my quilt for January's edition of Fat Quarterly. I need more snow to come so I can photograph it with a snowy background. The snow here is a bit pathetic right now - more ice than snow, and the grass pokes through. The quilt is big, and bright. And I must have done something right because it's the first time Miss G has seen a quilt of mine and said 'I'd like that for my bed'. Result!


Justine said...

Damn and I was going to have dibs on that quilt! I'll just have to make my own now when I get directions in January's FQ, thinking for my brothers birthday would be good!! Thanks soo much for helping me with my binding, last edge to sew down today and blogged tomorrow. Hugs x

two hippos said...

Your comment about more snow made me laugh!

trash said...

There is LOTS of snow down here. I would send you some but no post vans are getting up or down The Hill!

wonderwoman said...

i was going to say the same as Trash - we have loads of the b....y stuff and i would be more than happy for you to have some of it! Have a lovely christmas!

alobsiger said...

Oooooooh, circles, I'm intrigued. I'd send you some "good" snow but I don't have any either at the moment. Slippery brown stuff instead. Your mum's quilt is dreamy! ha! Yes, wait for the thread so you don't hate the thing later and wish it ill..... I have a Xmas present for you but it is going to be late late late late. I'm waiting until the worldwide postal systems clear out.

Lynn said...

Husbands are great for seeing things clearly. He is right. You would be unhappy with the quilt done in different thread.

Poppyprint said...

Well done on your projects! Can't wait to see your FQ quilt and I think you made the right choice to wait for the perfect thread for Ginger's. Merry Christmas!!! No snow here either...just green grass and bare trees. Sniff.

wishes, true and kind said...

Your late night sewing is paying off! Love the Dream On quilt and stockings!

ange_moore said...

That Dream On quilt it lovely! Hope you're not too snowed in and looking forward to a cosy White Christmas.

quiltygal said...

oh you have been busy Ive done nothing handmade for this Xmas Im still handquilting a wall hanging....Hope you & the family have a great Xmas & a happy healthy 20011 xxx

mo said...

That Dream On quilt is gorgeous!!

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