Tuesday, 26 January 2010

happy mailbox...and stuff

Some Anna Maria Horner little folks voile came today. Oh my. So soft, so silky, so pretty, so lovely, so my new favourites? Quite possibly. And SO much like liberty print tana lawns too. Best be careful when I try to quilt them. Yep, I can see another quilt in the making.

A little while ago I won a giveaway over on Tiffany's blog. This parcel of happiness turned up yesterday. Plus 2 boxes of Ginger's favourite cereal - lucky charms, and a quilt block magazine (firmly attached to my bedside table for late night reading). Thanks Tiffany - I LOVE it. That huge piece of munki munki coke travellers is going in the too precious to use box. At least until I can summon up enough strength to make the first cut.

Another too precious to use item arrived a few days ago too. This sweet little notebook made by Aneela's fair hands. How can I write in it? I should practise my handwriting and maybe one day I might be neat enough. Until then it will sit looking beautiful, and be admired daily.

Seeings as I have become obsessed with dresden plates, and am carting blocks with me everywhere I go, I needed a new pouch to store my bits and bobs in. Et voila. one new zippy pouch, beautifully adorned with a hex brooch made by Fiona (happy Australia day, Fi). Actually, if it wasn't for the hex brooch the pouch would be pretty dull. Hooray for hex brooches.

The dresden plate is nearly done. Told you I was obsessed. I am living and breathing it at the minute. No time for anything else. Or at least, I am not allowed to TOUCH another thing until it's safely at the quilters. Only one more row to go. I will blow my own trumpet, I flipping love it. I am so much in love it's hurting me. I am so damn proud of it, and I am not ashamed to say so. It's a proper, grown up quilt, and I made it. So it definitely needs quilting by a pro, otherwise I would most certainly mess it up.

Only one downside - charcoal grey and cream cats are not a good mix. NooNoo is not having this one. Not unless he gets a dye job. Does anyone know where I can get dark grey cat dye?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Auction for Haiti

Hop along to Beth's blog for a fabulous auction for Haiti - up for grabs are 2 beautiful Christmas quilts and tree skirts. I am really hoping to win something, I want to be organised for next Christmas super early. Oh, wouldn't that be cool? Let me tell you, it would be a first - my Christmas quilt never did manage to get completely finished. I'm so slack.
Go click HERE. Auction runs until Friday. Go Go Go!!!!!