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Issue 5 of Fat Quarterly will be out in just over a week (April 27th). For this issue I've designed a quilt using some of my most favourite fabrics - Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks and the ever faithful Kona coal. Here's a little tip for you - if you buy fabric from different bolts the colour can be ever so slightly different, which can give enough of a variation in shade in a quilt to look interesting, but without it being too obvious. It works - honestly!

As usual, the long armed Chris quilted my quilt for me. This time in an all over loopy star design. It's quite a dense pattern, which I think it needed having so much negative space. If I'd have had more time and was less inclined to send my quilts out I think it'd look lovely with lots and lots of narrow lines running vertically. A bit like this quilt by Tia.

Because the blocks are so big, and because there is so much negative space, it's a relatively easy quilt to throw together. As long as you like half square triangles. Which, fortunately, I do. And if you start with charm packs the cutting time is reduced considerably too. So that's a winner, right?


This time next month I'll be on my way home from Quilt Market. My partner in crime (Brioni) isn't coming this year. Boo hiss. I'll let her off, she has her hands full (which if you follow her blog or flickr stream you'll know why). So I'm flying solo. I realised it's the first time I've ever flown anywhere by myself, which is a little bit pathetic at 36 yrs old. I don't mind flying, I don't mind going by myself - I'm sure I won't get lost. I don't like those e-tickets though - the airline I'm using doesn't even give you an e-ticket you can print off so you have something physical in your hand. I had to call them and check, because I'm a little bit concerned I'll get to check in, they won't have me on the system and I'll have to catch a later flight - hence missing sample spree (which is, obviously, the main reason for going, right?!)

EDITED TO ADD - For those that don't know Quilt Market is a big trade show for quilty stuff in the US. This Spring is held in Salt Lake City (every fall is held in Houston). Sample spree is a bit scary. It's like the first day of the sales, everyone pushes and shoves to get their hands on the as yet unreleased new lines, patterns, notions etc. But mostly the fabric. Everything is sold at around half retail price. The Moda table is particularly busy, and particularly scary with ladies (and men) who are much bigger and stronger than me, with little regard for polite waiting in line and hoping for the best. I need to sharpen my elbows and learn to shove.


Andi said...

Lots of stuff:
- That quilt is very rather beautiful!! Fabrics are divine. I love the design and the quilting is incredible.
- Wish I was going with you to Quilt Market!!
- Sample spree? Tell me more!!!
Andi x

Lisa said...

That quilt is super ace and I must make it!! Love the brights against the coal.


Fab quilt, and fab colours, perfect for a sofa.
where is the quilt market, is it in the UK, cannot find anything on it, tell us more!

Sequana said...

I'll for sure be d/l that pattern once I get the issue. I just LOVE that!

Have a great time in SLC....I hope spring is finally here in the states by then. It's just crummy in Chicago right now. *whine, whine*

Lisa said...

That quilt id gorgeous! I hope you don't get trampled at the sample sale . . . I have a hard time elbowing my way in too. Maybe you need to take a big body guard with you to lead the way! hehe

Des said...

I love, love what you have done with this quilt. The Kona Coal....the Good folks....the points. Love it!! I need a good picture of you so if i pass you in an aisle at Quilt Market, I can say hi! I won't be shoving you at sample spree, I promise!

Shruti said...

Thats a beautiful quilt... Stunning would be a better word... :)

Kajsa Wikman said...

That quilt is stunning!!! I SO wish I was flying with you to Quilt market!

Lorraine said...

I love this quilt Katy !!
perfect combo

Tracey said...

I will definitely be buying the next issue. That quilt is gorgeous!! Excellent job.

Throw some elbows so we can see some pretty fabrics that you can get ahold of. I will be living through you for the quilt show!!

Bari Ackerman said...


Rachel Hauser said...

So beautiful! I love the variations in large star centers. Very well done!!!

cauchy09 said...

what a gorgeous design, K! i love the spareness that allows the stars to twinkle.

have a great trip!

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

The quilt looks great! I am so curious to go to sample spree--I'm thinking the Seven Islands/Heather Ross area might be insane. :)

Candi said...

that quilt = gorgeousness! I'll be at sample spree ~ i'm worried I'm gonna get taken out by a bunch of *coughgranniescough*!

momto2wasd said...

I love the quilt!!

littlemissmk said...

i love this quilt!!! love!

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