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chevron quilt

I chose this bundle of fabrics from Brenda's etsy shop with the intention of making something for Lynne's sibling's together project. I make a lot of quilts in a year, mostly just for the sake of it, although I will admit to giving a great deal of them away to friends. I should probably try and actually sell some of my quilts when people ask me for one rather than just giving them away, at least that is what the husbeast is always saying to me. At least if I recouped the costs of materials I wouldn't be out of pocket, right? It makes sense. In fact, that is what I'm going to do from now on. I gave a quilt to a friend for a gift and they have asked for a second, I'm trying to work up the courage to say 'Ok, I will gladly make you a second quilt, but it will cost you X,Y or Z because otherwise I am out of pocket here, and truth be told I make diddly squat from this quilting lark. Diddly squat. In fact I make so little it's almost time the tax man gave me money back at the end of the year. You get me?' I wonder how many people would then still want a quilt?

Anyhoo, I'm digressing from the matter at hand. This quilt. Giving back, and not just giving away. Giving with purpose. I have a friend who has an adopted child, who was previously in the care system and so Siblings Together is a charity I can identify with. Take these statistics into account - at any one time there could be 50,000 children in the care system in the UK separated from their sibling/s. There are many possible reasons for this separation - children being taken into care at different times, a greater number of children within the family than is the national average, foster carers unable or unwilling to accommodate multiple children at one time, different emotional or care needs of individual children. All kinds of reasons. None of which are the fault of the children themselves. Consider this - I have 2 children, one is a 6 year old boy, one an almost 13 year old girl. Both have different needs, both are at different stages in their lives and development. If something was to happen within my family and I was unable to care for them (this happens for any number of reasons, it's not 'bad parents', it could be families with little external help, or familial support networks, illness, death, mental health issues...the list goes on) I would like to assume my children would be homed together, but I am quite sure that would be unlikely. My children would not only lose the home they were familiar with, but the sibling they grew up with too.
Siblings together works in a number of ways to help keep separated children in contact. One of which is a residential summer camp programme, and this is why we're making quilts. The idea is that each child that attends the holiday camp this summer will be given a quilt as a reminder, a souvenir, something that is theirs and theirs alone that they can take away and remember the times they had on camp.

Quilts for Siblings Together

If you would like to help out then join the flickr group here. You might have the time but not the stash - if that is the case then there are people offering fabric donations. You might have the fabric but not the time - there are people with time but no fabric. If you have wadding, larger pieces of yardage for backings, or would be willing to quilt or finish quilt tops - all of these services would be greatly appreciated.

My (first - I'm hoping to make at least one other) quilt top is a smaller version of Jeni's chevron quilt that was featured on Moda Bake Shop. It ends up a little over 50"square, and I'll quilt it this week (hopefully - children permitting) and get it mailed off.

Ps -I'm sorry this is such a wordy blogpost!!!)

EDITED TO ADD - I have a lot of fabric. A LOT. I reckon I could donate 3 decent sized quilt tops worth (possibly more) of nice stuff, not nasty, if someone wants to make a quilt but can't afford to go shopping for the fabrics. So if you want to volunteer just ask. You can leave a comment in the post or email me, katyejones (at) hotmail (dot) com. I have charm packs, I've got kona solids in fat quarters, probably jelly rolls, definitely a lot of printed fat quarters. 


Annie said...

A few thoughts! First, thank you for taking the time to give some stats about the number of children separated from siblings in the care system. Since Lynne first brought this charity and issue to light I have been curious to look into the data because it isn't on the charity's website. It is heartbreaking and I had no idea it was so common.

Second, I am absolutely positively sure that people would pay for your quilts, and your friends would surely pay but I bet they just don't know what to offer since they could potentially offend you by undervaluing your work. It's a tricky situation to navigate but totally reasonable to ask!

Third I love the quilt you've got up there!

Sorry for the wordy comment!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Thank you Katy from the bottom of my heart (or the heart of my bottom, I can't remember) XXX

Nicky said...

Great quilt and won't some child be delighted to get it!

Katy Cameron said...

That looks fab missus! I'm waiting on a couple of US quilt tops being sent to me for backing and quilting so they can go to Siblings Together.

Oh, and BTW, the tax man really can pay you back, I know, you just have to make a crashing loss for the year o.O

Flying Blind... said...

Lovely quilt missus!

I used the Stockholm FQs I won off of you to make the Pink girly quilt for Siblings Together - if I can knock one out in a week, anyone can... just cranking up the peer pressure! xxx

PS. I am the Tax Man, and after the chocolate today, I am the Egg Man too!! ;)

Leeann said...

Re your friend who would like another quilt. Instead of asking x amount to make it. Get her to pick out the fabric and pay for it at the quilt shop. (I'd work out an approx figure that fabric would cost first, so she doesn't faint in the quilt shop!)

Lyanna L. said...

What a fantastic cause, I will be sure to spread the news about it and gladly make a quilt top for it. Hopefully I can come up with some fabric before it's too late! =)

julie said...

Just gorgeous, simply gorgeous quilt.
I too make quilts just because I love fabric and love to sew. I also gift many...last year I made 62 friends and family and quilt drives. All I ask for in return is that they enjoy and use them. At the Xmas party for the quilt group at the local patchwork shop I was showing around 40 of these quilts. A fellow quilter was there with her 6yr. old great-grandaughter who had been sitting quietly playing with her doll the whole time. When I showed a small quilt that was made with leftover off cuts her little head bobbed up and looked lovingly at it. I asked if she would like it for her doll, she looked and her Nan and asked could she. Of course Nan said yes and she wrapped that dolly up so fast.To see that smile on her face...never came off for the rest of the time she was there...and the genuine thank-yous I got from her was so worth it.
My daughter has just gone back to Brisbane with 14 quilts to be given to her friends children and a neighbours new baby. 8 of these quilts are for party favours, YES! party favours for the grandaughters 11th birthday sleepover party.
Miss G had so much fun going through the pile of quilts finding just the right one for each friend. Happy girl, happy daughter. Win, win for pile down a bit. As for asking for people to pay, good luck. I find that they want them but don't want to pay. That is why just gift to the unsuspecting ones. I would find it rude if some-one asked for another.
And yes the taxman does let me claim some money off my yearly tax. I teach sometimes at a local shop......I have to buy fabric and make the sample now don't I?. I also claim for servicing and depreciation of my machine. I get this done twice a year as I use it so much.
Sorry for the wordy comment but you did say...say something...anything!

Marion said...

I have told family and friends (some, anyway) that I'd be happy to make them quilts if they pay for the supplies. I get the scraps .....and hours of joy and fun :) It makes it a bit easier to give them away.... well, a little bit.. ;D

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

This is a brilliant and informative post!

One of my eldest daughters best friends is fostered away from her younger sister and older brother. She gets to see them maybe 2 or 3 times a year at the most and it makes me so sad when she talks of missing them!

I'm not an expert quilter, but I'm on a learning curve! If you'd like someone to make quilts, I'd happily make one/two. I have the time, but I don't have the nice fabrics.
So if you or anyone you know still have some fabrics to give to this project, I'd gladly get to making!

Have a great Easter Monday.
Kind regards,
Donna x

trash said...

@Flying Blind On a Rocket Cycle - I am the walrus.Koo koo kerchoo.

Kelli said...

Love your quilt top, and sounds like a great cause!

sell my house said...

What a fantastic quilt !Looks very gorgeous.Great creation. sell my house

twelfthzodiac said...

Pretty chevrons! Someone will be remembering a fun time at camp with their family for years to come with that baby! It makes my heart hurt to think about siblings being seperated after already experiencing whatever trauma landed them in care.

As for asking people to pay for quilts, that is so reasonable! I give baby quilts as gifts all the time. If a friend asks me to make a quilt for them(or for them to gift), I send them to the sites I order from & get them to make the purchase. It can be overwhelming, so sometimes they just ask me what it comes to & have no problem paying for the fabric. I can't afford to make as many quilts as I want to give away, so this sure helps! They also give me extra for my work, which is appreciated. They understand the time involved & say it feels like stealing when they only pay for the fabric!

As for your extra fabric... I could use it to make a quilt top to be mailed away & finished. I am in Canada, so a finished quilt would be quite a bit more in postage.

teacupfaery said...

I really love the idea of using my quilting to do something worthwhile, I'd been thinking about how I could get involved and this sounds like a fantastic cause. I have plenty of time, but no money for spare fabric right now. Very appreciative of all the lovely people who are sharing their stash :)

mascanlon said...

Ok, I have a lot of fabric, kits even that I will only get to in my dreams. I am short of time but will happily send fabric wherevee/whoever you send me too! And pY the postage there too of course. Let me know Katy!

Two Owls said...

This really is a great cause - I didn't realise how frequently separating siblings happens, I naively assumed it was avoided where possible so not that common. My eldest brothers came very close to being separated before being adopted by my parents in the 70s, they are twins.
Hats off to everyone involved!

spunkychilddesign said...

Wonderful bloggy. I agree, if your friends/family/etc loved ones are looking for another quilt from you I would say "The cost for x amount of fabric is" and ask for a payment also "of xyz" so you are getting a little something for your handwork or efforts. Or, better yet, have them shop for there fabric and ask for a "xyz $$" Happy Sewing!

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