Saturday, 25 August 2012

what's new, American pussycat?

I've decided to start a new feature on the blog, a weekly round up of what is new, or you might have missed in the shops that sponsor my blog. I spend a lot of time trawling through the what's new sections, so I should share my treasures with you, shouldn't I? So there'll be 2 posts - a US edition and a UK edition, to separate the shops and not overwhelm you all in one post.
Saturday will be 'what's new, American pussycat?' and Sunday will be 'what's new, British pussycat?'
Simple enough, right?

First up, a coupon (we like those) from Pink Castle Fabrics. 20% of all pre-cuts and bundles (Including blogger bundles) for this weekend. Use code PRECUT20

Brenda has a heap of new stuff in (field study, chicopee, out to sea, and those awesome stripes I blogged yesterday which is part of the new Riley Blake collection, Marguerite.)
I'm pretty excited about the new Japanese arrivals. Yuwa (those 11 prints there would make an awesome quilt themselves) ....

....and Trefle GLITTER TEXT PRINTS! (I have these on the way, I got so excited about them at market). If you put glitter in the search box at Pink Castle, it comes up with these prints. Seriously, when I saw these prints at quiltmarket I went a little bit crazy. Brenda was (co-incidentally) doing her kokka/trefle order when I spotted them and I basically forced her to buy them. The glitter (I know the real term is metallic, glitter just sounds sooo much prettier) is silver and it's super subtle, but obviously glitter. I scratched the heck out of it to make sure it didn't rub off. It didn't budge. It's high quality glitter. ALSO Melody Miller has glitter coming out on her next collection (I might have kind of bullied her into that idea with the help of Brenda) so my theory is - buy a heap of this now, use some (I need travel pouches for Sewing Summit with glitter text), save some and then bring it out with the Melody Miller and be all kinds of awesome (this awesomeness plan works in my head)

Find it fast;

Yuwa here
Trefle here
Glitter here

Fat Quarter Shop have some great new arrivals too.

Bella from Lotta Jansdotter. I think I like this collection better than her first. It's the ducks. Ok, they're not ducks but I'm going to call them that and you can't stop me. FQS have bundles, and yardage of this line. I think it's going to be as huge as echo, it really is lovely.

This line, Little Kukla, completely passed me by in the build up to it's arrival. Never saw it at market, never saw it in the Robert Kaufman twitter feed and then all of a sudden I spot it. It's so cute - and look at the purple birds! Suzy Ultman is an amazing illustrator, I'm really excited about her fabric. I also know that because it's with Kaufman you can trust the bright colours not to bleed. This wasn't on my list, because I didn't know it was coming, but now I think I just have to have some. I don't think I can let it pass me by. (the cross hatch design on the little onion domes is screaming 'match me with one of the bright sketch fabrics pleeeeeease)

Over at Lola Pink Fabrics, all new arrivals are 15% off until Monday. The discount is already added, to make it easy for you too.

Madrona Road is one of those new arrivals! There's also Oh Deer by Momo, PerfectlyPerched from Laurie Wisbrun,  and cherry christmas from Aneela Hoey (to name a few)

Sew Fresh Fabrics over on etsy also have some great new arrivals

Erin McMorris La Dee Da is in stock now, this bundle in aqua is just beautiful. I'd pair it with the kona bundle of echo inspired cool solids. Love love love.

Also I'm big loving on this bundle from Kim Schaefer. Love those bright colours.
There are also loads and loads of new fabrics added to the sale section. Yum yum yum.

Go forth and shop, my friends!!!! I'll be back tomorrow with the UK edition!


heart of charnwood said...

Damn you woman, i will not shop, and you can't make me! Oh why do I have such a low level of self control when it comes to fabric. Maybe I can just look, and if I hide all my cards i wont be able to buy, and that's ok, isn't it??? (for now!)

SueB said...

Oh dear, here goes my poor credit card again. Just can't resist those text prints. Incidentally you got me at the Festival of Quilts with the Sizzix mac.hine and I've just chopped a huge tray of scraps into 2.5" squares, very satisfying and I kid myself it's on the way to being used (up).

Katy Cameron said...

Oh no, my bank balance will never be the same again!!!

Trudi said...

Oh, you bad bad girl! I need to work harder now!

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a great idea...and gorgeous fabric!

Lizzie Allen said...

*Walks away in a huff!* Stop spending my money! Though I like some of the Bella prints.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

You've saved me lots of time shopping around!! Love the names of these features - clever girl :) xx

Jaypeg said...

Great post! I instantly went and gorged on the Riley Blake.

Nicky said...

You are too cruel! Ok the kids will starve this month!

Di said...

Temptation American style on Saturday, followed by temptation British style on Sunday…. you bad, bad woman. What will the children eat? Fabric? Di x

Sheila said...

Great idea keeping us all up to date tho.

Cherie said...

No I need money to buy these things! How mean of you to post them!! =P

Very Berry Handmade said...

:-) So much temptation!! Thanks for all the useful info (I think)

Elaine said...

I love and hate this new feature! Love because it is awesome and hate because it will surely damage my pocketbook! :) but really-- thank you!

linda f said...


Thank you so much! It is an awesome new feature!

Contiue to enjoy your blog and you on instragram:-),

Linda f

Elizabeth Elliott said...

Thanks Katy!
I'm not sure how I'll feed the family this week but I put in orders with both Pink Chalk AND Pink Castle.


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