Thursday, 13 September 2012

heads up!

For those of you that missed out on the little scrap vomit swap I ran recently, or are wanting more SV squares action then have I got some news for you?!

Angie at Gnome Angel is running a new swap so get on over to her blog to find out more. There are 2 options - an international, and an Aussie only swap.

Sign ups are until the 22nd of this month, so get in on it!

scrap vomit part 4 in progress


Brenda has scrap vomit bundles for sale at Pink Castle Fabrics, you can get a big pile (25 FQs) or a smaller pile (12 FQs) and if you use code SPIN15 you'll get 15% off the already absolute bargain price. (SPIN15 works on anything in store - not just the SV bundles!)


Katy Cameron said...

Ahh, so not just vomit but spinning vomit now... nice!

trash said...

Vomit dealer!

dolores said...

I have two stacks of 2.5" strips piled up in the kids some Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, Eric Carle and more Golden Book fabric in the mail last week. Really want to start doing this but have to be satisfied with the growing stacks.

Girl is coming home from Oxford for a visit in a couple weeks...guess I need to move those stacks!;)

BTW...stop being such an enabler!!;)

Cherie said...

That does sound like a lot of fun, but no more swaps for me! =D

maru g said...

Just what I was thinking! Good for gnomeangel, and thanks for passing along! I just signed up and will take a look at those bundles!

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