Friday, 21 September 2012

wombat wonderland blog tour

I have been a huge fan of Saffron's fabrics since 2008 when I bought a quilt kit with her owl and elephant fabrics (we even used the owls for the squares and rectangles chapter in the Fat Quarterly book!), so when I got an email asking if I'd be part of the blog tour to celebrate Saffron's newest collection, and her first organic line, Wombat Wonderland I jumped at the chance.

 As to be expected, Wombat Wonderland is typically 'Saffron' - a lovely mix of prints in different scales, which make them perfect for all kinds of applications. There's even a panel for making softies (this is one of the things I love most about Saffron's fabrics - the softie panels are such a great idea and would make a great craft activity with a little one)

Before the fabrics arrived I had planned to make a quilt, but once I saw them in person I wanted to make a million things, so the quilt got shelved and using my friend's daughter (who has just turned one) for inspiration I made some fun bits that would be ideal as a first birthday present (and then I kept them all because I liked them too much - I'm really selfish, aren't I?)

Some scalloped bunting (which even looks great above the teenager's bed). This was really simple, I drew a half circle shape onto some card stock and cut out pairs of each fabric multiple times, sewed them right sides together, flipped right way out and used a shop bought bias tape to string them on to.

I think I prefer scalloped bunting to regular pointy bunting, it looks softer and cuter, somehow.

This was the first block I made from Anna Maria Horner's spinning stars pattern, and I used paper templates which gave me slightly squiffy points (due to my wonky cutting probably), but it's ok, I can't see them when it's on the bed. I'm planning on a couple more of these pillows (this is 18"and stuffed with a 20" form which makes it really fat) with some different coloured pom pom trim so this little pillow won't be all alone.

And finally, a zipped pouch to put the bunting in. Which would make it a lovely gift for the birthday girl if I hadn't been so selfish. I should make some more so I can be a little more generous. I'd probably end up keeping it though, I'm not as nice as you might think.

I'm the penultimate stop on the tour, with Siobhan being the final stop next week. Be sure to check out all the other stops on the tour, there's all kinds of inspiration going on;

Friday 31st of August - Katia of Plushka Craft
Friday 7th of September - Toni of Make it Perfect
Friday 14th of September - Amy of Badskirt
Friday 21st of September - you are here!
Friday 29th of September - Siobhan of Beaspoke Quilts

You can find Wombat Wonderland in Saffron's store now


Tiffany said...

Love the bunting! <3

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Está tudo tão bonito e feminino,charmoso.

diane said...

did you see my post on Wednesday? Funny, I made scalloped bunting too.

heart of charnwood said...

Good god woman, that's worse than stealing sweets from children! ; ). I already knew you were naughty, as you keep trying to make me buy fabric when i'm on a ban!!! Love the scalloped bunting, i've only made pointy so far, but i think my daughters bedroom "needs" some of this!! And that fabric is adorable, I've just been to Saffrons website, I think my credit card might be in danger! Ange x

Sheila said...

No wonder you kept your makes - just been to Saffron's shop, her fabric is gorgeous.

Karen said...

So love the scallops for soft looking. Your not being so nice is one of your finer traits in my opinion, even if a bit over-stated :D

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, cute fabric, even if it is now all over your house ;o)

Marla said...


Pétra said...

Cute I love the line!

Cherie said...

Oh gosh maybe you can make something in less cuter fabric that isn't so hard to give away =D

Archie the wonder dog said...

That fabric is fabulous - I love it! Maybe you could give the little one one of my favourite books 'Diary of a wombat' (and maybe throw in 'Diary of a baby wombat' to assuage your guilt!) and you could keep all the wombat things you make!

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