Sunday, 21 October 2012

what's new British pussycat?

What's been happening this week in the UK fabric shops then?

Well, Justine has some great value Kaffe Fasset shot cotton bundles in both fat 1/8th and fat quarter size. There's very limited stock of these, so if you see one you like, grab it fast.

The Lakehouse prints are 20% off too. With both yardage (well, metres!) and bundles.

And there are lots of new pre-cuts with more coming soon. Grab a Mama Said Sew charm pack or layer cake before they all go (because they will, and fast).

I'm a massive fan of these patterns, and I know you will be too. Little Dots is a gorgeous quilt, template based (but don't let that put you off!) and one of those quilts that makes people go wow when they see it (I can vouch for that - I saw it at quilt market and it was at Sewing Summit, and there was much wowing)

My favourite pattern is Diamond Ring though. Alexia (green bee patterns) told me this is fast and simple. I have the pattern (just got it when I was at Sewing Summit) and it does look pretty easy to do, and a lot of fun as well. And, again, this quilt was wowing people at both quilt market and Sewing Summit. 

Green Bee Patterns also designs apparel for both big and little people, so be sure to check them out. They're a great little company with a whole lot of talent, and different enough to stand out.

Annie has had a delivery of Quilters Dream batting/wadding/whatever you prefer to call it. Quilter's Dream is a fantastic wadding company, with a great range. Currently Annie has both the natural (which is cotton) and the blend (which is a cotton/poly blend) in stock in a variety of pre-packaged sizes. The natural also comes in 2 different weights/thicknesses - Request and Select. Confused by those weights? I'll explain them a bit....

Request is the thinnest weight - it's the drapiest and perfect if you prefer a vintage/antique quilt look and feel to your quilt. I personally love a thinner wadding, I like the flatness. It's not especially warm - because it's thinner, but for more decorative bed quilts, rather than snuggle quilts, or table runners, or wall quilts, it's perfect. I have a quilt made from liberty prints that has this kind of wadding in, and the lightness is just dreamy. 
Select is a mid loft weight. It's probably what you'd think of when you think of a wadding and how thick it should be. It's still nice and thin but with a little more weight than the request, and gives more definition/puff to quilting stitches. It still has that drapey look though, and will shrink to give the vintage/antique quilt look beautifully. 

Kate at M is for Make has a few new bits and bobs worth checking out.

Loving this bundle....

And this one too...

In fact, you should take a look at all of the bundles in stock at the minute - there's some fab new ones with really good colour combos. 

Alice at Backstitch still has a great range of Sketch textured blenders in stock and with charcoal coming back in stock soon.
If you've yet to try these I cannot recommend them enough, I love the depth and warmth using a textured blender gives to a project rather than a regular solid. They're just enough something special to make your fabrics pop (although I'm not a fan of that's true)

Alice also has the incredibly popular Wiksten patterns in stock now. These are unlikely to stay in stock for long, and while they're expensive they're fantastic patterns and well worth the price. I don't think anyone that has bought one has made just one tova or tank. They come beautifully packaged, and the quality of the pattern and the instructions shows.

That's it for today! Happy shopping people!


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