Sunday, 28 October 2012

what's new, British pussycat?

Not huge amounts going on over in the UK fabric shops this week. Justine has had a busy week, with re-stocks of the basic neutrals in kona solids. AND as it's payday weekend she has a discount coupon for you! 20% off anything using the code OCTOBER until the end of the month (Wednesday).

I made a quilt top using pepper and Bari J Ackerman for Art Gallery Fabric's new line, Splendor 1920. Here's a little instagram photo peek...

Giant star quilt top using @barij splendor 1929 (& @jenib320 tute)

Pepper is a colour I think is underused, it's a great soft black - almost has a navy hue to it and if you place it next to a true black it looks much gentler. I'll get some decent pictures this week to compare.

Annie is in Houston for quilt market. Lucky beggar. She has a free FQ offer with every £10 spent on fabric until the 30th of the month (Tuesday). The free FQs will be chosen at random, but all you need to do is look at the shop stock to realise it's not going to be an ugly one, is it?!

Make sure you check out the blog too - the regular tutorial feature is definitely going to help me out with Christmas gift making ideas. Don't you love this framed purse tutorial by Emily? She used Anna Maria's feathers pattern shrunk down (there's no instructions on how to do that - but it's easy enough to shrink down those feathers, just print the templates smaller according to how much smaller you want them. A little trial and error with print size, it's all good!)

I blogged about these tonal bundles from Backstitch a few weeks ago on what's new, but they're worth another mention and there's also a couple of new ones that I didn't blog about before. With Christmas looming it's always a good idea to nudge those close to you in the right direction for gifts.

I like this fresh looking one. Curious Comfort. Yes, it is curiously comforting, isn't it? I like that an awful lot of the bundles in Alice's shop are under £20.

Despite the news I heard on the radio this week that the UK is now out of the worst double dip recession since the 1950s, things are still tough and I honestly can't see a time when they won't be. I know how tough things are in my house, we have less than we have ever had and I am seriously dreading Christmas purely because of how much it costs, even when you try and do it on the cheap.
A bundle of fabric that costs under £20 seems far more easier to stomach than a full line or a big bundle. I don't feel that I could ask for any big bundles from family for Christmas, but £18 is an acceptable amount.

Kate at M is For Make is having a well deserved break, it's been a tough few months for her and her family, so I hope they have a lovely break from the routine and recharge.  All orders placed this week will be posted after November 5th.

ALSO! Not UK news, but still news worth mentioning - Paper Pieces are having their annual hexagon sale. 35% off all hexy bulk packs until November 3rd. Now is a good time to stock up on those essential hexagon papers.

That's it peeps. See you next week!


Mancity0327 said...

Thanks for being so honest about how hard things are at the moment. Its sad but i was glad my 8 year old didn't believe in Father Christmas anymore so we can have a realistic chat about what he asks for fir Christmas.

Maybe patchwork abd quilting will return to its origin of using up rather than the snobery of everything new, 100% cotton. I belong to a lovely quikt group but my calico backed latest quilt caused a few raised eyebrows this week.... Calico! Not an expensive matching backing!

I'm facing redundancy either before ir just after christmas and because i work for a charity, my 3 1/2 weeks pay out won't last long. Lets hope things get better soon :)

Carla said...

Always so inspiring here. I'm still plugging away on my hexagons ; )

Kate at M is for make said...

aw thanks Katy, I guess half term is break, but then you haven't met my kids :)

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