Sunday, 11 November 2012

what's new British pussycat?

My friend Lu asked me to mention that her shop has Summersville on sale right now, and as it's her shop and it's her fabric you get a little bit of extra satisfaction knowing the designer has in fact touched your order and wrapped it up (I like it when designers work for their money).

She also has these fantastic mugs, which are not fabric...but they do have  one of her designs from fabric on them and they make brilliant gift ideas for teachers, grandparents, friends, neighbours - here's an idea for free - fill up the mug with some kind of favourite treat, wrap in cellophane and tie a ribbon round the top. Et voila, fancy looking gift. She also sells gift wrap and tape printed with her designs, both are extremely great quality, not that thin nasty stuff that tears easily (I'm talking about both the tape and the paper here)

Justine at Simply Solids has a weekend offer for you, 15% off all orders over £25 with the code nov15 (all lowercase)

New in are moda crossweaves (like I used in swoon, below) which are (in my opinion, for what it's worth) the best of their kind of thing - better than any of the others out there and a weave rather than a print, which I know some people prefer (I like a textured blender, but not everyone does). They're soft, beautiful to sew, easy to cut and quilt up wonderfully. Moda discontinued these for a while but constant pestering brought them back. As with most Moda fabrics, you can never tell whether they'll last for long so snap them up while you can. I have a few yards hoarded already but I'll be stocking up on more just in case, I'm not taking any chances.

up close

These fab moda scrap bags are also new, which are basically like a jelly roll but about half the price, you might get some selvedges, but the fabric is all really useful and all from the one collection (although it doesn't tell you which collection, you can usually figure that out from the fabrics). These are going FAST, so snap one up (more are on their way though)

The Village Haberdashery has had some new arrivals this week.

Pure is a Scandi style collection from Danish company, Stof. There are 8 prints and all have that clean Scandinavian look to them

Newly added to the sale section is the Ladies Stitching Club. This collection seemed to come and go with very little splash online, and it's a shame because there are some fantastic prints that I think will be really popular once it's gone. Grab a few bits now while you still can.

There are an awful lot of new prints added to the sale section; perfectly perched, hope chest, happy drawing, crabtastic, flea market fancy - to name a few.

Alice at Backstitch  is still the place to go for great value klona cotton. If you are not familiar with klona, it's not a designer solid (don't let the name confuse you!) but it's a great value,slightly heavier weight cotton that is perfect for bag making, quilts, home dec, etc etc. It also comes in a great variety of colours.

Klona is my favourite pure white solid, and it's the one I use if I'm using just white. I particularly like how easy it is to finger press, because it has a slightly starched feeling to it.

Alice also sells a great value linen/cotton basic solid as well - also great quality and lots of colours (33 in total). A word of advice though - if you are using one of the brighter or darker colours of either type, pre-wash because they are heavily dyed and you don't want to risk bleeding.

M is for Make  has thangles in stock now. If you are not familiar with thangles they are paper foundations to make perfect half square triangles. Sound pointless? They're not - they're a life saver if you're making a lot of HSTs, an absolute life saver. No trimming or squaring up afterwards, just a simple snip of the little 'dog ears' and pull off the papers. Easy peasy.

I made this pillow using thangles....

scythe pillow

And posted a tutorial for it too!

That's it - don't forget to pop back tomorrow for the Fat Quarter Shop Simply Fat Quarters showcase and an amazing giveaway!


Dan R said...

Love the design of the thangle cushion. Is that new?

RuthDesigns said...

Couple of little tips for HST paper users (Thangles or other, I draw my own)...
1. Put the lightest fabric next to the paper, this ensures you can press towards the dark fabric if you use my 2nd tip.
2. Always press the HST open before you strip off the paper, this ensures the diagonal seam stays perfectly straight.

Ruth xx

thedodds said...

Nice gift idea, Katy! Will definitely be stealing that one! x

Francis Paul said...

ohhh Thangles!!!! I once received some in swap and. I just ordered the 3" Thangles and I want to make a churn dash quilt with them :-)

kbzelazny said...

How in the hell did I miss that pillow tutorial before?! I have some thangles that I have never used before. I am making this pillow TODAY. Thanks so much-

Jennie said...

These posts are just so dangerous - my husband is going to kill me! Thanks, Katy....

Sarah PingsAndNeedles said...

I think Kauf Kona white frays a bit too much for me to want to use it in finicky piecing so I'm completely with you on the Klona white ... I like that crisp starchiness too ... it pieces so neatly. Lovely thangles thang and lovely temptations :)

Military Challenge Coins said...

All the designs are looking so cool thanks for sharing and just keep it up.

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