Sunday, 18 November 2012

what's new, British pussycat?


Yep, Annie at the village haberdashery has 8 prints from the only just shown at Quilt Market collection in stock right now. I am pretty sure she's the absolute first, and obviously I had to have some. Here it is....

@libertylifestyle stile is in the house! Thanks to Annie at the village haberdashery! @vhaberdashery

oh the pretties. Lynne has a giveaway on her blog for 8 half meters. Go on, get over there and enter if you haven't already (and hurry - I'm not sure how much longer it's running for)

If you still haven't bought any of the first Liberty Lifestyle collection, Bloomsbury Gardens,  Alice has the gorgeous blues in stock at Backstitch

And from the subtle, typically English prints of Liberty let's go to the modern and soon you won't be able to get this anywhere prints from Quilt Blocks. Seriously, get this stuff before you can't ever get it again. Don't regret missing out, because it's amazing.

Whilst I'm on the subject of fabrics you should get before they disappear, Just Dandy is one of those. And on sale at M is for Make. Buy a half meter, or maybe even a whole meter. Just buy it. You need it in your stash.

Especially this print.

And also the running stitch prints from Patty Young's Lush.

Justine at Simply Solids has Moda scrap bags back in stock. Phew. Like a jelly roll, but half the price. I'll have one for Christmas please if you want to get me something. Thanks.

Of course you could get me a gift certificate instead, that'd do nicely.

Lots of new stuff has arrived at Eclectic Maker

Havana by Monaluna

As well as selected prints from Jenn Ski's Mod Century. I really like this print in particular...

That's it for this week. Just a quick one because it's absolutely freezing in my house (the heating hasn't kicked in yet) and I'm teaching today at The Skep in Leeds so I need to have a quick cuppa and warm myself up a bit before I get dressed and out the door.

Have a wonderful Sunday, someone remind me to take pictures of the class quilts today so I can blog them. I get carried away with the fun of the class and forget. I'm useless.


Swedish Scrapper said...

You're right, the Quilt Blocks collectoin would be regretful to miss. I don't know why I haven't noticed print with the green square/hst's, as that one really anchors the whole line!

Fraz Hakim said...

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