Sunday, 23 December 2012

what's new, British pussycat?

A huge thank you to everyone that went to visit Annie's bricks and mortar shop last weekend on it's preview opening. Annie was so pleased the weekend was a success and that so may of you were able to go. We've been chatting about classes and the possibility of me popping down to teach when she's up and running properly and has a class schedule sorted. Have a think about things you'd like to see, and if you'd like me to teach anything specific.

New in at the village haberdashery this week is a big restock of Aurifil. I'm pretty sure that most of you know this is the thread I choose to use, and the 50wt is my go-to thread for everything, be it piecing by machine or hand, quilting, hand sewing - whatever. I love it. Annie has over 60 colours in stock now. Before I found Aurifil I tried pretty much every brand of thread on the market, from the expensive to the cheap. I used thread that friends had recommended, that I saw other bloggers use, that was sold in the local store - I had all kinds of tension issues and thread breakages. As soon as I bought my first cone of Aurifil I was converted. Yeh, I bought a cone before I bought spools - that was pretty brave (or stupid) of me. Mind you, Alex Veronelli managed to smooth talk me into that cone at the Festival Of Quilts one year, and I never looked back since.

Annie has a pre-sale of lucky penny by Alison Glass right now. £5 off the bundle. Lucky Penny is fantastic and the colours are amazingly rich.

IMG_1889 - Version 3
photo credit, Alison Glass on flickr

Also new in is Juggling Summer from Zen Chic for Moda.

My friend Di made a gorgeous bag using this line recently, as well as a couple of clutches that show off the gorgeous prints so well.

241 tote

Annie also has cuzco in stock, which is gorgeous and my favourite Kate Spain line ever.

twinkling stars of cuzco

Oh - and simpatico is on sale, so grab that now - it's absolutely beautiful.

There's lots of gorgeous sketch in stock at Simply Solids.

This citron colour is amazing.

Justine has been busy mailing out the first month of the Simply Solids Crew bundles this week. If you're not signed up for this monthly stash building club, then do it now. It's going to be fantastic. I signed up for 3 FQs a month, so I can make a rainbow swoon quilt. I have my first month (which is purples) in hand, and I'm hoping to get some time over the Christmas break to make my first block.

More essex linen is in stock as well as a restock of Kona solids.

Kate at M is For Make got a delivery of Handle With Care by Suzy Ultman for Kaufman fabrics this week. These prints are just wonderful, and such fun.
I made pillowcases for Lauli and me to take to Sewing Summit out of them (I can't find a pic of the pillowcase I made. Hmm. Where is it? I did anyway - ask Lauli.)

Kate also has some delicious Kaffe Fasset shot cottons in stock as well.

This steel one is particularly yum, I think.

Alice at Back Stitch is closed now until December 31st. You can still shop, but nothing will be mailed out until then. Bear that in mind if you have a little shopping trip there.

I got this amazing bundle of linen/cotton blend fabrics in the mail this week from Alice (thank you Alice - it was a complete surprise and a lovely one too!!!)

I'm not sure what to make with it - definitely a quilt (of course). Maybe I'll add in some other solids, or some bluey green prints and make a lovely calming patchworky quilt with biggish squares. Actually - I know what I could use. I was chatting with Nicky after she left a comment on yesterday's what's new post and wouldn't constellations be a fab collection to add to that bundle? I've got a bundle of it so I'm going to have a little play around.....I'll keep you posted.

Sizzix has a huge sale on at the moment. I think pretty much all of the on-sale dies are for regular scrapbooking or paper crafts, but have a look through - if you applique I bet you could find a bargain or 2 there to use with fabric.

Eclectic Maker will be closed over the Christmas period, but you can still shop there and when the package arrives i january you will have forgotten what you bought (or is it just me that does that?)

Maybe you could treat yourself to a bundle of Notting Hill from Joel Dewberry?

 I'll be popping in again before Christmas, but for those of you that won't be reading blogs from now on - have a wonderful, happy, fun filled Christmas holiday. I hope you get everything you wish for, whether it's lavish gifts or fun memories. maybe a little bit of both would be good?


Karen said...

You have a fab holiday too!

diane said...

Scanning your blog today and said, That looks like a purse I made...duh! Then I read the blog. Thanks for the shout out and if I don't get back to you...Merry Christmas my friend!

Dianne Neale said...

I think I'm going to have to get the Notting Hill in the new year. Happy Christmas!

heart of charnwood said...

Have a fantastic Christmas! nd can't wait to see what you make with the blue bundle from Backstitch, I bought the exact same bundle a the FOQ and have been stroking it ever since, I just can't decide what to make with it, and they are so beautiful together, it seems a shame to split them and use them!! : )

Sam said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is favourite feature of any blog EVER! I love your weekend round ups! I live relatively near the village haberdashery and I would definitely come along to a class taught by you - particularly anything to do with EPP. Thanks for taking the time to give me some advice by email this year. I've procured some best press starch now so it's all systems go on the liberty quilt! Happy Christmas!

Collette said...

I love your what's new posts! It is a great place to come to when you are not sure about what is new and hot in fabric world! I have a little spare money to play with for a change so I shall be taking your advice duly on board! Have a lovely Christmas xx

Katy Cameron said...

I was doing fine til I got the the linen/cotton blend and the Sizzix sale *sigh* suckered in again ;o)

Fiesta said...

Katy, i can't find your email so i am writng you. can I blog about your scrap vomit quilt? I made a Christmas version and I want to link it back to you.
let me know

Sharon said...

Hi Katy I am in love with Notting Hill i think it might have to be a late Christmas present to myself to brighten up the New Year. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Alison Glass said...

Thank you for the Lucky Penny mention! Hope your holiday was nice! Alison

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