Saturday, 5 January 2013

what's new American pussycat?

There are a bazillion fabrics on sale right now at Pink Castle Fabrics. Literally. Almost a bazillion anyway.

If you are playing along with the scrappy trip along quilt you might want to have a looksie to pick up some extra bits and pieces for your quilt, or (like me) stock up on yardage for quilt backs. The $6/yard section is my favourite and where I snared Field Study which I am thinking I'll use for my scrappy trips quilt. Unless I use some moda dottie extra wide in any of the colours, because I love those extra wides. Or the bright orange I picked up a little while ago by Henry Glass. That would look pretty amazing, it's so gorgeously zingy (Brenda did a great post on her blog about how many strips to cut for different sized quilts using the scrappy trips pattern. It's useful - check it out!)

Avignon by Riley Blake was an awesome line, it's $6/yard now.

Houndstooth = bindings sent from heaven

Marguerite was another fantastic collection from Riley Blake. Also $6/yard.

Possible quilt back?

Mama Said Sew - another $6/yard collection. You know it's wise to stock up on text prints as and when you find them, because once they're gone you will lament. I once bought a whole bolt's worth of a timeless treasures text print I loved because I knew once I couldn't get it any more I would be devastated. I have just recently run out, and guess what? I wish I'd bought more (it was that now impossible to find cursive writing one - I backed a couple of quilts with it, and used it in a ton of things. *sigh*). Text prints are just so USEFUL. Instead of a solid for backgrounds, for binding, for sashing, for adding interest.

While you're over perusing Brenda's sale fabrics, check out the details for Camp Stitchalot. It's going to be such a lot of fun, and limited to only 30 or so people, so you know you can actually get to hang out properly. I've never been on a real camp before, so I'm extra excited. It's the first weekend in May - come with me!!!! Oh and there's a $5/yard section too. Yep, that's well worth looking at.

Fat Quarter Shop have announced their latest mystery block of the month. Every year these look like best fun, and people make some amazing quilts.

New in are the NEW sketch colours.

Included are 3 grey toned fabrics, smoke (below), mist and gray

I love cherry.

For those savvy enough to be thinking of Valentine's day - how about Vanessa's latest quilt pattern?

Lola Pink Fabrics have extended their inventory reduction sale through Sunday (6th).

New in stock for them are Bonnie and Camille's gorgeous Marmalade fabrics. On a special with 20% off regular price!

This stripe is pure perfection

As is this floral

I love how Bonnie and Camille have added that new dimension to their fabrics with the addition of orange. And you've seen the next line, Happy Go Lucky, right? With NAVY? How about the new quilt patterns? Have you seen them?

Lots on sale at Sew Me A Song

This floral is one of my favourite repros from the last few years. I think it is just about the perfect repro floral. Don't you?

I don't think I have ever seen this New Orlean's map fabric. Isn't it cool? And on sale too.

These elephants  are really great. Again. On sale.

And just because every home needs a few of these - Daiwabo prints. The elephants are always a winner, and never get old. Just like Kei dots and every other thing kei.

I'm also going to point you in the direction of Peg's sale fabrics at Sew Fresh Fabrics. I know we're all feeling the post Christmas pinch, right? Or did some of you lucky people get a little stash enhancing gift certificate or 2? MUM - PAY ATTENTION. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN MARCH. A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO ANY ONE OF THESE SHOPS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA. OK?

Every stash should have a little of this print....

and this....

La Dee Da - oh my gosh, it's so pretty and the colours are so gorgeous.

Before I head up to bed (it's after Midnight here and I'm sleeeeeepy) I wanted to let you know that the first free block of the month tutorial from the Aurifil 2013 Designers is posted.

You can read all about Erin and find out what block she has created by clicking here and heading to the Auribuzz blog.

I'm really excited to be a part of this amazing group of designers headed by the amazing Pat Sloan and I really really hope you'll join in with us and make a block a month. It's completely free, you will have the opportunity to win prizes along the way and it'll be fun. So hop on the train and see what you think - you have nothing to lose, right? (And anything that involves Pat Sloan is a LOT of fun)


wobblybobbin said...

I think it took me about 30seconds to order that Nola map fabric. I met my husband here in Nola and have been in love with the city ever since - thanks for finding that rad fabric for me!!!

Dan R said...

I bought that orange houndstooth the other day. can't wait for it to arrive.

Dan R said...

I bought that orange houndstooth the other day. can't wait for it to arrive.

diane said...

once again you have earned your title as the temptress for all things fabric! Thanks for the heads up on the sales. I need a some backing fabrics.

mascanlon said...

Honestly, first you and Brenda with the Scrappytripalong and today it's more fabric enticing...hmm...I do need a backing for the quilt!

Trudi said...

Oh I'm smitten with a couple of those new patterns! And yes, anything with apart Slain is a blast!

Julierose said...

Thanks for the tip on the $6/yd fabrics; I've been searching for those 2 text prints in B&W. Julierose

Angelina S. said...

I just bought 4.5 yards of text fabric, damn you! ;-)

Nicky said...

You led me astray again - heart pattern in oakshott Rubies! Bad girl - not sure if that is me or you - possibly both!

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