Sunday, 6 January 2013

what's new, British pussycat?

I am really sorry for the late posting, and also I apologise in advance for what is going to be a short and sweet What's New today. I have some virus thing that seems to be everywhere (it's all over the #scrappytripalong group on instagram) and I feel like death warmed up. So no sewing for me today - just resting up with plenty of jasmine tea and snuggled under a quilt or 3.

Justine has been getting the January Sew Solids Crew January bundles ready for mailing this week. Check out her blog for details of this month's colours and if you'd like to get a monthly bundle of solids (I signed up for the 3 FQ option, it works out at under £6 a month which is a perfect little bundle of joy to arrive once a month and completely affordable).

I'm making a rainbow swoon quilt with mine, a block a month for the whole year. With the leftover FQs (because 12 blocks uses 24 FQs and the stash club will give me 36) I'll decide whether to add a border or use them for the back. We'll see. Either way, I'm excited about this slow burning quilt.

The Village Haberdashery always has good stuff when I'm on the hunt for these posts.

Juggling Summer is a line that I would normally just skip over because it's not really me but I spotted someone making a quilt using it on instagram the other day (and I can't remember who) and it looked so good. I did find this on flickr in Brigitte's photostream and you can see more inspiration on her blog too.

Dresden Plate Tabler runner

Because I feel poorly, I'm incredibly grumpy, so I'm going to shout at you...
go to M is For Make and Buy Handle With Care and Type right now. Buy it before it goes and you miss out and get all grumpy and whine.

Do it.

It's the New Year, so I imagine some of you (more organised types) will be thinking about the Spring and Summer and plotting a new wardrobe (I envy you for your organisation skills)

Alice at Backstitch has this new Megan Nielsen pattern in for a T-shirt/Sweater with a whole heap of different options. It's beginner level and it looks really good.

You can also buy the washi dress pattern, the ever popular wiksten tova and tank and to pack your new wardrobe in for a trip away, the Amy Butler weekender pattern.

Eclectic Maker are back from the Christmas break with a shop full of goodies.

Cosmo Cricket is now designing for Moda as Julie Comstock, so anything you see that is Julie Comstock is basically Cosmo Cricket. Odds and Ends is really good. It seems they don't have my favourite print of that collection in the store, but these are all fab.

Ok, that's all from me today. Time for more jasmine tea and maybe a hot bath.

I'll be back on full form next week - promise!


Angela said...

Get well soon. Hope the cats keep you warm!

Katy Cameron said...

Feel better soon!

Francis Paul said...

I'm making a rainbow Playtime quilt (pattern by Needles and Lemons) with the Sew Solids bundles and I'm also verry happy with the mellow pace to make this quilt :-)

Francis Paul said...

and I think I'm getting sick too... there is a small flu wave here in Holland :-(

Archie the wonder dog said...

Get well soon xx

Trudi said...

Get well soon!

dottycookie said...

Hope you feel better soon. We've had an array of revolting bugs over Christmas and New Year. I shall be very glad to see the back of them!

Isisjem said...

Feel better soon. So much illness about this year x

Mimi said...

Whether or not you think Juggling Summer is not you.... you should be sewing something with it. Not a thread of pink anywhere, not a flower anywhere,sophisticated colors, yes. I was hoping that Zen Chic's next collection would expand on this but it does not look as hip. Sad sad part is my LQS did not get yardage as they often do not at the end of the year... inventory, taxes and all that. Did buy the bundle at LQS and some yardage on the internet but it not the same as seeing bolts of PURPLE on a shelf!

Linda said...

Good luck with the virus-killing! Keep warm and hydrated and enjoy snuggling under some of your lovely quilts.

Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon .

Nicky said...

I misread about your bundle of joy and thought you were pregnant! Fabric is so much easier to look after!

Love the tshirt pattern but rather scared of stitching jersey - am I wrong?

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