Sunday, 3 February 2013

whats new, British pussycat?

Alice has lots of great new stuff this week over at Backstitch.

This bundle of Constellations by Lizzy House is ready and waiting to come and live with you, and to sit on your shelf and be petted like the bundle that lives in my house.

There are new multi fabric bundle, like this gorgeous bundle of grey FQs, cheerily named Zombie

Whilst we're on a neutrals tip, how about Starlight? A bundle of blacks and whites

There's this absolutely gorgeous bundle of purples (it's calling my name, I am so short on purples in my stash) called Robotussin

Valnetino for the red lovers (it's almost Valentine's day - you could whip up some lovely themed goodies with this)

and finally, Milk Punch. A bundle of reds and blues. This one is screaming to be made into a baby quilt. And bibs, and booties, and you could use my drawstring pouch tutorial from the Sizzix blog (you don't need a Sizzix to make them, they just speed things up!) to whip up some handy little pouches to store all manner of teensy baby essential things (like dummies - because it just always goes that you can never find a clean one when you want one, just some skanky fluff covered thing at the bottom of your handbag, and this is when you're sat somewhere really quiet and the baby is screaming blue murder for a dummy. Ask me how I know).

Did you know you can shop by theme at M is For Make? Well, you do now.

Chevrons, by the bucket load, a veritable zoo full of animals, super essential dots and their cousins, the stripes, as well as blenders, and cross hatches, a fantastic section chock full of retro prints and more.

Go check them out. You can find some really fun stuff you may have missed before. Like these apples from Kokka (and on sale too)

or maybe the ridiculously useful running stitch stripes.

Citron is my favourite.

The Village Haberdashery still has about 20 billionty fabrics on sale (ok, that's a slight exaggeration).

The lazy stripe from Tula Pink's the birds and the bees is a great print for borders and bindings. I used the pink version for a quilt border, and it makes me so happy whenever I look at it.

Maman from Cloud 9 is one of their premium range, printed on a base cloth that is incredibly gorgeous and just feels expensive. It's on sale! Cloud 9's Michelle made this lovely set of nursery bedding for her son using the brown prints. I love how timeless, yet vintage it feels. It's a really beautiful collection and worth looking at if you have, or know any little children or babies.

Over at Simply Solids this week, Justine and I have been busy cutting fabrics for this month's stash club, the sew solids crew. We have more cutting and folding to do this week and then wrapping the packages and mailing them out later this month. So, when yours arrives just know that I lovingly folded those FQs for you. You're welcome. Chances are I shall be doing this on a regular basis with the stash club to help my bezzie out, because there's a lot of cutting and folding and stacking to be done (and all we ever do is drink coffee and chat, so we may as well be useful when we do that on our little meet ups).

There are still a couple of Moda Scrap Bags in stock. These bags are great value. Just £12 for 1/2 lb fabric.  They do contain some selvedges, and are sold as a mixed scrap bag...but in my experience they generally contain one line of fabric and are pretty much a cheaper alternative to a jelly roll - like a lucky dip version. They're great for scrap quilts, english paper piecing small shapes, string quilts and the like. Just don't mention I said they're like lucky dip jelly roll, because Justine will tell me off.

I really like this bundle of Tanya Whelan fabrics from Eclectic Maker.

I don't think I've ever bought any of Tanya Whelan's lines, and just looking at the prints in Sugar Hill I'm wondering why. They're so pretty and girly (ok, that's not strictly what I go for, but I am powerless to resist a rose print).

The ivory colourway is lovely too. That red print at the bottom of the stack is making me go quite weak at the knees.

Actually so is the green stack.

Another fun section at Eclectic Maker is the Michael Miller section. Swedish owls. Need I say more?

As usual I am doing this post far too late at night when I have to get up early to take Ginge to football (and stand around in the cold for 2 hours pretending I know the rules).

Before I dash off to bed, I wanted to point you in the direction of this new magazine. Technically this is the second issue, there was one last September time and this Spring edition is out on February 14th (but can be pre-ordered here). If sales go well and it's well received hopefully there'll be more issues. I hope so, because I really enjoyed the first edition (I can't find a pic of it anywhere, but it had a gorgeous modern log cabin quilt in the cover) and in this edition there's a couple of my friends - Tula Pink and Alexia (whose quilt is on the cover. Yay!!!!). And also me. I'm in there, so if you didn't know enough about me already, you can find out some more. Eek. Oh - also, it's published by the same people that do Mollie Makes, and Simply Crochet, so you know it's going to look pretty, right?


Swedish Scrapper said...

Lovely fabrics you gathered today- especially like all the color bundles. Those grey ones are surprisingly yummy! No surprise at all how fab the red and robitussin ones were :D

PippaP said...

ohhh that looks like a fab mag and only £1 extra for Europe delivery, finally :)

Sigrun said...

Don't know why I keep reading these kind of your blogposts - not good for my purse ;)
Thanks for folding my fabric! Much appreciated :)

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