Monday, 10 March 2014

Safari Moon blog hop

Ok, now here's the thing...this blog hop started just as I was starting my new job and I completely forgot to let you know about everyone's posts prior to them occurring - which is utterly utterly useless of me. Of course, I totally recommend you head back through all the posts (there's a blog list below) and check out all of the amazing projects made from Frances' debut line for Art Gallery Fabrics, because it's amazing how different everything looks, and I love every single one (possibly a little too much, but there you go, I am excited by a fabric line with zebras in it).

When Frances (I should point out that if you haven't come across Frances in internet land yet, you should go and find her, because she is so lovely and sweet and wonderful I am planning on kidnapping her) asked if I'd be a part of the tour I jumped at the chance, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I had an idea for a really simple design that was classic and traditional but with a lot of negative space to make the fabrics pop right on out. I think it was all of the green in the line that made me think of an irish chain pattern right away, you know - green...the emerald isle...Ireland. And I wanted to pair them with a pure bright white for maximum popping...even though white and me are not often friends. I don't seem to be able to make a quilt that stays white for long, with the cats, the kids and my need to eat chocolate whilst sat under a quilt.
Fabric left unattended ends up like this.....

As I was sewing the blocks I made sure the cats were locked out of the sewing room, that everything was kept pristine and that nothing was coming between my quilt and it's shiny pristine whiteness.

I cut a heap of squares too...for a pillow...

The finished quilt top was sent off to Trudi for quilting, it's a big quilt so I asked her for something pretty simple (because I was also asking her to do it super fast for me, and I didn't want to push my luck). She completely ignored me (rightfully so) and did the most beautiful custom quilting, making the quilt a million times more amazing than I had hoped.

I can't show you the full quilt just yet because it'll be in Love Patchwork and Quilting shortly, but here's a sneaky peek (the winter weather is not helping me take photos right now, paired with the fact that I'm leaving the house at 6.30 am, in the dark, and getting home at the dark, I'm struggling to see daylight at the minute, so I'm really sorry these pictures are so awful!) I can't wait to show you the full thing, I love it, and it's all because of Frances' fabrics. The colours in Safari Moon are something special, with a perfect deep blue that is not quite navy, not quite royal blue and the most beautiful emerald green (a colour that I don't think we see enough of). Pairing those with oranges, an amazing hot pink that isn't too sharp on the eye and a lime green that has just enough yellow, but not too much. I love fabric - I think that's pretty obvious, and I get through a lot of fabric in a year, but Safari Moon is definitely up in my top 3 of fabric lines from the past year. Considering both Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt are my go-to favourites at any point in time, that is really saying something. I tried to think of another line I love as much, and am likely to love long time and I can't think of one.

Plus there's zebras. Personally, I feel the world is a better place because of fabric with zebras on. (Pronounced ZEH-BRAS, not ZEE-BRAS over here in the land of the British)

Which Miss Lily made into a dress, and then sent the dress to me (because she looked like a sack of potatoes in it - hooray for that...sorry Lynne, but actually no, I'm not sorry)

Now you've listened to me go on and on for ages, go and check out all the amazing projects so far on the tour. I promise most people are way less wordy than me.

Monday February 24  Faith Jones  Fresh Lemons Quilts
Tuesday February 25    Lindsay Conner   Lindsaysews/ Craft buds
Wednesday February 26   Sarah Lawson  Sew Sweetness 
Thursday February 27  Cristy Fincher   Cristy Creates
Friday February 28   Amy Smart  Diary of a Quilter 
Monday March  Lee Heinrich Freshly Pieced
Tuesday March  4  Teri Harlan Sew Fantastic
Wednesday March  5  Jane Davidson Quilt Jane
Thursday March  6  Lynne Goldsworthy Lilys Quilts 
Friday March  7  Sandy Whitelaw  Upstairs Hobby Room
Monday March 10  Katy Jones  Imagingermonkey
Tuesday March 11  Victoria Findlay Wolfe  Victoria Findlay Wolfe  Quilts 
Wednesday March 12  Megan Bohr Canoeridgecreations  

and not to forget your host....Frances Newcombe, Designer with Art Gallery Fabrics, Belly Buttons Boutique Frances is giving away a bundle of safari moon on her blog right now - go enter!!!!!!!!!


sophie said...

love love this fabric!! and the dress !! wow! looks aweseome on you!:) you lucky girl! "Zeh-bras" look perfect on you!

Melissa said...

Love your pillow ...especially the zebra!:)

Michele T said...

Love this fabric... The pillow is awesome!!

Sonia said...

ooooh - the Irish Chain looks great! And yay for the dress. Maybee Lynne could become your personal dressmaker?!

Sandy W said...

love what i can see!! pillow is fantastic!! I feel a little disappointed that I can't see the whole quilt!! hopefully once it published you will be able to show it to the rest of us that aren't in the UK. :) The dress is adorable too!!

Lynne Tilley said...

Katy, I LOVE YOUR QUILT and pillow. Your blog is delightful!! Thanks for your wordiness, it's what we love about you!

Gill said...

I love the zeh - bra fabric - the dress looks fabulous on you!
I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt in LPQ magazine soon!

Frances Newcombe said...

Katy, You are a dream, I am stunned and thrilled by your incredible words!!!! Your projects are awesome and I am beyond thrilled that this quilt will be in Love Patchwork and Quilting!!!!!!! Much more than I could ever dream or imagine!
Thank you thank you forever thank you. With a ton of love, Frances

Trudi said...

Did I tell you how much I LOVE that quilt! Xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love the sneak peek of the quilt - you and Trudi work so well together!

P.S. You leave the house at 6:30am? Crikey! The thought of that leaves me feeling slightly queasy..!

madfabriholic said...

Oooh, that sneak peak is tantalizing!

dolores said...

Utterly, utterly useless...Miss Legs!;)

I have to agree with you...those colors are luscious and I loves me some teal and orange!:)

Paige said...

Ahhh, zeh-bras! My kids and I love to say zeh-bras in faux-British accents when watching Peppa Pig!

Kitty Jimjams said...

Ha, I'm making a cushion for my Niece and asked her what colour she wanted - "emerald green" she says, and I've been tearing my stash apart trying to find enough of it!!

Wendy said...

I love this line too, you can't beat that blue. I look forward to seeing the quilt in LP&Q, I bet Trudi did an amazing job with the quilting.

CindyM. said...

Katy your designs are just breathtaking! I wish I had a smidgen of your talent to create such amazing works of art! I love your dress too! Still working on my novel to you and I have just taken the time to stitch up a little something I plan on sending in the mail....take care friend!

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