Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Coffee Koozie

I love the free patterns Fat Quarter Shop are doing with tutorials on You Tube for those that prefer visuals (or, like me, who just like to listen to Kimberly talk because she has such a cute accent).

This is the latest - it's fun, it's super fast and it's perfect for scraps. I'm thinking this would make a really fun Christmas gift for teachers or work friends or maybe even neighbours if you like them enough. My pink (glittery!) coffee cup was really cheap from Asda...which is the UK version of Walmart (and as horrendous to visit). You could add in some treats, like chocolates or some coffee beans - which conveniently I can get from the husbeast's coffee shop without paying for them. Nice for me. A little bit on the cheap side, maybe, but just don't tell anyone, ok? And if my work friends are reading (they're not, they're too busy/disinterested in my life, I'm sure) I paid for those coffee beans you're getting for Christmas. 

You can pick up the free pattern here and view the video here.

I made a couple, and then put them both on my glittery coffee cup. Because...well..why the heck not? It's extra koozie now!


Michelle said...

Love it. Need it. It's a long way from my coffee joint to my work in the morning, and my coffee is frozen by the time I get there!

Lisa said...

Yours is so cute and you ideas are perfect!

Tina said...

Aw, those are so sweet! I must pop over and try that tutorial myself.

Billy'sgirl said...

I love your glittery coffee cup! So cute, and the Koozies are adorable. Great for little gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.

Lee said...

I love the extra cozy Koozies!! Cute cup!

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