Monkey Do is a high traffic site - I currently have over 100,000 page views a month, and as of May 2013 over 2 million total page views all time history. Readership is distributed throughout the world, but concentrated most highly within North America, the UK, and Australia.

I take sponsorship seriously, and as such I will not accept sponsorship from stores I do not think are relevant to my readers and the vision of my site (so if you make soap or jewellery and the like, I'm sorry - but this probably isn't the best place for you...I'm sure your products are fantastic, but they're not relevant to my readers). Sponsorship from stores that are relevant to sewing, quilting and fabric will be considered *

If you are interested in becoming a blog sponsor please contact me for more details and rates at ImAGingerMonkey@gmail.com

Each week I do a round up of sponsor news - Saturday is what's new international pussycat and covers my sponsors outside of the UK, and Sunday is what's new British pussycat, covering news from UK based stores that sponsor my blog.
I construct the what's new posts by reading the newsletters from the sponsors and from personally checking out the stores to see what I find interesting or think I'd like to share with my readers.

If you already sponsor my blog and have news you'd like to share please let me know!

* sponsorship acceptance is at my discretion. As of December 2013 I am currently not accepting any new sponsors

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