Monday, 15 September 2014

OMG strike offs!

At the end of last week I did have some good news, the first of my strike offs for Priory Square arrived!

I'm so happy with these, although Walter Bravo (Mr Art Gallery Fabrics, Pat's lovely husband) told me he wasn't overly happy with them and has tweaked the colours a fraction and that the actual production fabrics will be amazing (I totally believe him, because if these aren't perfect and they look it to me, I can only imagine how gorgeous the real things will be!) I'm still waiting for the map print and the metallic floral to arrive (I'll show each print in detail when they're all here), and now these first ones are here I can crack on with my Quilt market booth planning. I'm going to keep a little journal here on my progress so you can follow along with me and understand the process from start to finish. Maybe you'll find it dull as dishwater, but maybe it will be interesting. If nothing else, it'll be nice for me to look back on when it's all over and I'm more relaxed and less stress stress stress!!!!

That's my selvedge!

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent me an email or left a comment after my post yesterday. You know how to make a girl feel happier! xxxxxx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

what's new pussycats?

I had such great intentions this week. Last Saturday I'd gone to the Leeds Modern Quilt Guild meet and sewed up a storm so I'd actually have something to blog about, but the week rapidly went downhill and ended up being one of those super stressful horrible weeks. We've had too many of those weeks over the past year or so, I'm just about over bad news and my eternal optimist, always see the silver lining personality is struggling to see the positive side of things right about now.
Long story short - my husband collects sneakers, he has a pretty crazy collection (It's a thing - I swear, other people do it too!), and he's kind of known in his community. Someone decided they wanted his stuff, so they broke in our house and took it. A ton of stuff. Crazy amounts and it's made me want to just hide away from social media as a whole and just walk away from everything.
But, quilters didn't take our stuff, so I need to get over that and I need to just take a step or 2 back for a little while and try and look on the bright side. No one was hurt. Nothing of personal, family or sentimental value was taken. Stuff is just stuff. But still....

So my what's new post today is heavy hearted and I'm not much in the mood, but here goes....

Bundles are 25% off at Pink Castle Fabrics (using the code BUNDLE25 until the end of today)
This one is Cherie the new line from Frances Newcombe for AGF (and it's gorgeous)

I rather love this kit from Fat Quarter Shop (you need the magazine too, but another magazine is always good, I think)

There's a ton of great bargains to be found at Bobbie Lou's in the sale section

Like this lovely nautical stash builder....

At contemporary cloth, Birch Farm by Joel Dewberry is in stock

Sew me a song always makes me feel happier, I love this from first of infinity

Cuts of cotton has this beautiful rainbow bundle to put a slight smile on my face (I'm trying people, I'm really trying not to be a mardy cow)

Hopping and skipping back to the UK and to the village haberdashery and this lovely new line from Dashwood

There are new arrivals at Simply Solids. I am loving these ones...

The ever so useful essex linen in steel is in stock at Fabric HQ

25th and pine is in stock at backstitch. It's a gorgeous Christmas collection, I'd use it all year round to be honest

especially this print....

Love these cats from Plush Addict (it's a japanese import)

Autumn is drawing in now, and the nights are getting chilly. Backing quilts in cozy fabrics like this corduroy from Elephant In My Handbag is very sensible

And that is it for another week.
Sorry for being a grump, hopefully next week will pick up and things will be less stressful. We're off to the hospital tomorrow for a check up for the husbeast's brain surgery to make sure things are all getting back to how they were, so hopefully that will be good news.
Have a lovely weekend xxx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

what's new, pussycats?

And we're back on does the week fly by so fast?
I have a ton of laundry to get through today (oh yay - the kids are back to school, meaning I have all of the fun school uniform washing to do on a weekend) so let's fly through some fabric shopping to brighten up my dreary day.

New in at Pink Castle Fabrics is trendsetter. I have to admit, I hadn't heard of this at all. It passed me by at market and I haven't seen it once since then up until now. So if it passed me by I bet it has you too, and it's really nice with great red, white and blue stash building potential

Moonshine, Tula's new line just arrived at Fat Quarter Shop

A couple of new prints in at Bobbie Lou's that I am loving a LOT today...

this one

and this border print which looks so damn useful I'm a bit blown away by it. Both prints are Alexander Henry and just $10/yard (super cheap)

I'm thinking a lot about low volume at the minute (it's nothing new, I think about it a lot) and this bundle from Cuts of Cotton would be a great stash addition

At Sew Me A Song it's National Sewing Month and to celebrate Take $10.00 off your purchase of $50.00 or more with coupon code SEWSEPT at checkout. Valid through September 8th so be quick!

This bundle would be a nice little addition to my stash. I'm always short on B&W

US peeps - did you know you can get Oakshott cottons from Contemporary Cloth in the US? well, you do now.

Hoppity skipping back across the pond to the Uk and at the village haberdashery Avant Garden from Momo is in stock. I have felt a bit that Momo has gone off the boil recently, and I'm really pleased that this collection is back on form to how they were right at the start. It's gorgeous.

At Fabric HQ, and in case you still haven't bought any of this, September blue from Dashwood is in stock and it's gorgeous. I love this line so much.

Simply Solids have a new monthly club - numbers are limited so get in while you can. It's the Moda Building Blocks pattern and you'll get the pattern plus each month the fabrics will arrive for that month's block/s. It's a fantastic pattern and the quilt is amazing.

As Quilt Market approaches and I have to think about making stuff for my booth (yikes...I'm a little afraid) I'm looking at other Art Gallery Fabrics to use to mix with Priory Square.

And that is it for another week!

I'm going to do the grocery shopping now. And more laundry. Great. I hope you have a more enjoyable Sunday!

Monday, 1 September 2014

the Jones family went on holiday

I've noticed my blog is looking quite light on personal stuff recently, and while I don't want to share the ins and outs of my usually boring days, it does feel better to share here's a recap of the family's trip to Portugal.

If you're a regular visitor to the blog you'll know we haven't had the best year, there's been a lot of ups and downs - my job as editor of Quilt Now and the fabric I've designed for Art Gallery being the extreme ups and my husband's brain haemorrhage being the extreme low (as well as the effect it had on our oldest child, and how difficult it has been for her to deal with things).

As a family we hadn't been away for 4 years. Financially we didn't have the money, things have been really tough (as they have been for so many people) and so this break was a huge thing. Last year I was going away with the kids but that was cancelled literally at the last minute when Warren went into hospital, we were packed, we were ready, the cats were at the cattery...and then we didn't go.

This year it was going to plan....until I went to check in online for our flights and realised I had the days wrong, we'd missed our outward flights. Work has been so crazy and I'd tried to get so much organised before I left that I had written the wrong day in my diary. Stupid stupid stupid, KJ. So there were a lot of tears (I was ridiculously hysterical, when I phoned Warren to tell him he thought something awful had happened, so he was actually pretty relieved when it was just the flights), until I managed to book us flights the following day but cutting short our break by a day and a half, effectively (and making the holiday more expensive than it should have been).

(So for those of you that always ask, how do I manage to do everything....sometimes I really don't, I'm usually organised, I'm usually pretty good, but I managed to completely mess up!)

We eventually headed to Portugal, which I'm told is beautiful but honestly, all we saw was the hotel, the pool and the beach. We did no exploring, we just slept pretty much and that was perfect.

It was the teenager's 15th birthday while we were away, which we celebrated by lazing around and doing nothing (here's a rare picture she allowed us to take of her...pulling a stupid face, of course)

I did a little bit of stitching, I read a couple of books, I spent a lot of valuable and precious time with my most favourite people, and we had the best almost a week away in the sunshine.

Little Ginge even managed to get a bit of colour on his skin (although mostly he just got freckly)

The husbeast already had plenty of colour...

Next year, by hook or by crook, we will go away again. Sometimes you just need a break, and next year is a pretty big year. I turn 40 (ouch), Gracey turns 16 and leaves school, we definitely need to get away again...this time for a full week in the sunshine, and maybe I won't be in charge of the flight details this time.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

what's new pussycats?

Well I'm back from my holidays! We had a great time, lazing around, doing nothing at all. It was exactly what we needed as a family, and we realised when we were on the plane (and Ginge was getting a little over excited) that the last family break we'd had was 4 years ago, so it was well overdue.

Anyhoo...enough on that, what about the fabric shopping?

I'm rather loving this bundle selected by my favourite man quilter (and second favourite man in the world, after my husband), John Adams. It's available right now from Fat Quarter Shop.

These peppered plaids are just gorgeous, and in stock now at Pink Castle Fabrics

For those of you (like me) that love a 108" wide quilt about this from Contemporary Cloth? It's new from Windham.

Here's a couple of my favourite prints at Sew Me A Song....

This is a great navy and perfect for boys and as a stash builder

And this is a perfect texty print

A couple of new arrivals at Bobbie Lou's that I'm loving...

this ever so useful dot

and this gorgeous floral from the Ghastlies

There's a great selection of the forever useful pearl bracelets at cuts of cotton
I love this colourway so much. it's a great alternative to using a solid as a background.

Skipping over the pond to the Uk now, and at the village haberdashery autumn has come at the perfect time with the new sevenberry cords
Corduroy is lovely to sew, and you can use it to back quilts for snuggly cozy warmth, it really is amazing stuff you know.

There's a flash sale (it ends tonight) on craft books at Plush Addict. 20% off!!!

It's a great way to stock up on some books for Christmas gifts, there's a great selection and something to please all the crafters you know.

Whilst I'm on the C word subject, elephant in my handbag have a fantastic selection of sewing boxes that would make great gifts too.

I love this one...

While I was holiday I did a bit of embroidery...I'm not especially good at it (I'm rubbish to be honest) but I really enjoyed doing some simple stitching. One of the things I was stitching was the free gift from the next issue of Quilt Now (issue 3). It's an exclusive Kiriki kit, and I'm really excited to see Backstitch has other Kiriki kits in the shop so i can make more!

Simply Solids have sew yummy from Cloud 9 Fabrics in stock now!!!! I love these fabrics!

Last but not least....I absolutely love this print newly arrived at Fabric HQ, I do love a doggy...not quite as much as kitty cats, but almost

And that's it from me! I'm off to apply a lot of moisturiser so my tan doesn't fade! Have a lovely Sunday!