Wednesday, 10 February 2010

good stuff

Work continues on the slightly secret project. Tell you what, the first person to guess what it is EXACTLY gets a prize. I'll make you a patchwork scottie dog, if you'd like one. But you have to guess exactly - 'something patchwork' or 'a quilt' is not exact enough. So there - you've got a clue. Get guessing.

The postman has been very good to me. Maybe he senses that I am waiting for more fabric and without it I can't get on with the next dresden plate quilt that's haunting my dreams. Whilst he doesn't bring the fabric I'm getting impatient for he has brought me gifts.

This little piece of quilted gorgeousness is from the quilt dude himself, John. Who offered up this awesome kindle case he'd made when he heard I'd got one for Christmas. Yesterday the kindle, the case and me went on the train. I saw one other person with a kindle type of thing, but she didn't have a fancy schmancy case for hers. She doesn't have an awesome friend like John, though.

John - you rock. And that notebook? It's too nice to use and will sit with my other too nice to use things. (Once John sent me a pencil - that is also too nice to use). I have quite a collection of too nice to use objects. I think I get that from my Grandma, she had bed sheets that she never used. They were still in the packets when it was time to move her into the nursing home. I hope I can bring myself to use my fancy stuff before I'm moved into a nursing home. Maybe I should make an extra big effort, but just write special things in my special notebooks?

And then, just yesterday, when I got home from the big smoke I spotted an envelope on the table for me. Still no fabric, but this made up for it. It was complete surprise. I had no clue it was coming. It's a chicken pincushion. Yep, you guessed it, it's too nice for pins. He (or I guess, she) will just sit on the shelf next to the computer with my other precious stuff. Maybe I'll stick one pin in her for effect? I don't know. That seems a bit cruel. Isn't she awesome? She has rice in her bum, so she's all crunchy feeling, I sat last night crunching her whilst I watched TV. The fun never stops in this house.
Miss Chicken was a surprise gift from Rebecca who had made pin cushions a little while ago on her blog, and I asked if they were from a pattern. She said yes, would I like it? I forgot all about it, like I tend to do, having the brain of a chicken (how coincidental). And then Miss Chicken turns up, with the pattern as well. Too cool.

So, John, and Rebecca - thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. This is a week full of good stuff!

Monday, 8 February 2010

patchwork puppy

I've been trying to come to terms with the mess that is my fabric cupboard(s), and the biggest bane of my life - my scrap box. After making the spiderweb quilt (before someone asks, no, it's still not quilted) I thought that I would surely have less scraps, but no - somehow, in some way, they breed and the box was getting beyond stupidly full. I would always rather go for 'real' fabric than sit there wading through scraps. I'm lazy, I'm all for the easy life, I can't be bothered. Impatience and instant gratification wins every time - I'll cut into that nice big piece of fabric, thanks very much.
But, whilst moaning about my scraps and how I was getting ready to just dump them Brioni said 'hang on, let's do something with them instead - because mine are getting out of hand too'. So we are, but more on that at a later time, because it's slightly secret.

Then, on Friday, whilst I should have been doing the slightly secret thing I got distracted by a flickr group I joined a while back, then forgot about. This group. And I made me a scottie. Actually, not for me, it's part of the slightly secret thing too, but because I can't show you the slightly secret thing I'll show you this instead.

But wait - last night I was thinking to myself 'I must start that single girl quilt before it eats my brain away' and I went to visit the woman I would like to be best friends with, or just stare at, or hang out with, or visit, or just say hello to one day and did you see what she has been making too? YES - a scottie dog, and she has a free pattern. Hoorah. So go make one for yourself. I'm going to make more. But I really must get the dresden plate to the quilters, and finish the slightly secret thing.

Until then I shall fawn over Denyse Schmidt's scottie dogs and smile ever so slightly to myself, because there is something really quite lovely about a dog made out of squares, especially when he is lying on your bed.....

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

charity quilt kit giveaway

My friend Dana from Thistle Hill Fabrics has put together some designer fabric kits to get you started on making a charity quilt for give a kid a quilt. She's giving away (yes - giving away) 3 kits to the first 3 people that sign up. Head over to her blog and check out the details, and do something that will make you feel so very warm and fuzzy.

Tag Sale

Doesn't that sound much nicer than 'clearing out the cupboards?'

head on over to my shop for a variety of Liberty print fabrics and some Cath Kidston too. If you mention you've come from here I'll pop some extra goodies in the parcel. (All of the above pics are there, plus some others)